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The Miracle Method™ Group Coaching Program

The Miracle Method ™ is a 90-day virtual program, held quarterly, and has been designed to help you consistently connect to your deepest desires and align to new levels of authenticity and self-expression, regardless of how blocked you may have felt before. You'll be a part of an inspiring community completely dedicated to your wellbeing, where discoveries and insights are shared, and breakthroughs are acknowledged and celebrated.


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I'm here to help you magnetize the magical, magnetic, miraculous life you incarnated to experience.



Are you ready for a transformational, results-driven, miracle-making coaching experience shared with like-minded people with whom you will have the opportunity to create long-lasting connections?


During this 90-day immersive you will learn how to consistently connect values and your deepest desires. You will achieve new levels of living in alignment regardless of how blocked you've felt before. You'll be a part of a supportive community committed to your success where insights are shared, and breakthroughs are celebrated.


Inside this program, you will get a life-changing set of tools and coaching around developing awareness, self-honesty, authenticity, inner strength, and self-love. You will learn the importance and the power of connecting with your higher self and your higher power and you will learn how to develop your intuition to be a source of guidance and protection to help you connect to and manifest your deepest desires. You will learn how to harmonize your intellect with your intuition instead of forgoing your intuition for your intellect. This will allow you to create unimaginable miracles in your life including up-leveling your relationships. My coaching is empowering, my clients consistently experience tangible results over time. That is guaranteed IF you are willing to do the work. The Miracle Method ™ program will lead you out of the mundane, mediocre, life that you settled for, to the magical, magnetic, miraculous life you incarnated to experience.


If you're ready to manifest miracles and unleash your most empowered, aligned self, book a risk-free discovery call to learn how I can help you transform your life.


My work doesn’t focus on fixing “what’s wrong with you” or pilling more things on your to-do list; it's about connecting to your deepest desires, unlocking your intuition, and mastering how to magnetize what you want, exuding confident, authentic self-expression, and attracting from a place of wholeness vs. settling based in fear or hustling coming from survival. The focus is on healing from the inside out. You'll get stability, support, and accountability via a virtual community that's invaluable, from the comfort of your own home.


Awareness – Authenticity - Accountability – Growth – Community – Coaching


​The soul of our work together is in discovering that you are a miracle. You have everything you need to live a miraculous life. And there is whatever is unresolved/unrevealed that is blocking you from your innate miracle-making abilities. You are the only one who can heal yourself, hear and follow your intuition/inner voice and unlock the magic of being your whole authentic self. When you embark on such a journey with other like-minded people who are doing it alongside you, providing support and encouraging one another - no matter how your process is unfolding, how you look, or what's going on in your life – that has the potential to be one of the most healing and impactful experiences of a person’s lifetime.



  • Your relationship with yourself and how that impacts your relationship with others
  • How you operate in the world and its source
  • Your views and perspectives around what you think you deserve and your ability to receive (as shaped by experiences from the past and familial/cultural conditioning)
  • How to heal from unresolved wounds from the past
  • How to develop your intuition and how to harmonize it with your intellect
  • How to set boundaries and engage in empowered communication that is based on love and self-respect


Apply To Participate in The Miracle Method™ Group Coaching Program

You're a miracle in the making.

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