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Connect with your deepest desires and manifest your dreams through self-guided, intentionally designed interactive lessons & guides.

Breakthrough Clarity Coaching Session


During this two-hour, one on one Coaching Session, hosted via Zoom, you'll be looking specifically at an area of your life that matters to you, but that you may be struggling with. Judy will use her mastery in asking the exact right questions to get to the bottom of what is in your way, freeing you up to take aligned action that will move the needle forward and create a breakthrough result. 

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The Miracle Method™ Group Coaching Program


The Miracle Method ™ is a 90-day virtual program, held quarterly, and has been designed to help you consistently connect to your deepest desires and achieve new levels of living in alignment, regardless of how blocked you've felt before. You'll be a part of an intimate community completely dedicated to your wellbeing, where insights are shared, and breakthroughs are celebrated.

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The Unbreakable Relationship Online Course


This online course has been designed to teach you the principles of an unbreakable relationship so that you can get what you want effortlessly, be irresistible to your partner, and engage and inspire connected communication. This course is for both partnered and single individuals, seeking the skills to manifest your divine right partner, as well as breaking out of negative patterns that may be sabotaging your current relationship.

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The Empowered Employee Online Course


This online course has been designed to guide you through the process of becoming empowered in your employment to achieve your goals effortlessly, be seen as an invaluable team member, and become a more effective communicator. Created specifically for employees or individuals who are unemployed and looking for their next most aligned role, this course will guide you through manifesting a dream job that matches your deepest desires and professional goals, as well as breaking out of negative and/or limiting patterns that are keeping you stagnant or even sabotaging your career success.

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