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Judy Morris


Transformational Coach, Author, Speaker & Miracle Maker

Judy Morris, a former Wall Street executive turned transformational coach/spiritual guide, public speaker, and author opted to leave the corporate world in 2010, after successfully recovering from her own major depressive disorder and alcoholism. Dedicating her life and career to illuminating, advocating, and inspiring others to break free from the chains of addiction and challenges of mental health, empowering them to discover their own untapped strength and infinite potential for healing and success.


You might ask what turned her head from Wall Street to Main Street.


She made the transition after a career spanning over 14 years in financial services. Her background in financial planning and project management was extremely helpful as the same skill set is required in coordinating services for clients. 


Judy always had a passion for coaching and empowering people to achieve extraordinary results. But it wasn’t until she started mentoring at risk women (in 2004) that she realized she needed to make a change. It was the most rewarding experience of her life. It was not long before she took the skills she had developed as a volunteer into professional services.


It has now been well over a decade since she started her second chapter, and she continues to love every moment of it.


Judy has had the privilege of being trained and mentored by some of the most talented and accomplished clinicians, coaches, and professionals in their respective fields and is eternally grateful for the difference they have made in her life and for all that she has learned from them.


As Founder and Creative Director of Judy Morris Coaching, Judy has developed a unique methodology known as the Miracle Method ™ and other programs that have transformed the lives of countless men and women and altered the trajectory of people’s life paths.


Judy continues to walk her talk by continually participating in her own recovery and spiritual evolution and continues to volunteer a portion of her time working with at-risk women. She is professional, experienced, and relentless in providing compassionate yet highly accountable support to those she serves, supporting them in recognizing that it is they that must rise to the occasion in order to have the most successful outcomes. She shows her clients how to take the focus off their weaknesses and instead concentrate on their strengths – guiding them to connect to their deepest desires and creating SMART goals to achieve them.


Sometimes the reason a person seeks coaching is to help them connect to a vision. Judy is masterful at asking the right questions that lead people out of their heads and into their hearts to determine their deepest desire. Having a coach can be critical in manifesting real results because it is all too easy in the modern-day world fraught with demands and distractions to get lost in the day-to-day minutia of it all. Working with a coach helps you stay focused on the big picture and encourages each client to stay in action toward the future that they are committed to which requires letting go of the past and moving beyond survival to thriving - living purpose-driven lives of radiant health, integrity, independence, and contribution.


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My original intention in working with Judy was to achieve my employment goals. Little did I know that she was going to be able to see what I couldn’t & help me pinpoint the barriers I had built, keeping me from success. Not only was I freed up to pursue & achieve my employment goals, but I also improved every other aspect of my life, including achieving what had previously seemed impossible - real, sustainable sobriety.

You are a miracle in the making.

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